Saturday, June 16, 2018

Samma and Family, June 16th, 2018

Today was a great family reunion, dedicated to celebrating the graduation of two members of the family. The wind was calm. We raised the main, Mizzen and big Jib.
Rana was on board to help run the ship. Here is what Samma wrote in the log:

"Thank you Asaad and Rana for a beautiful boat ride in celebration of family graduations! This was the perfect trip for a group of our size and age range. My parents and my in-laws had a wonderful time and we will all look back fondly on this experience in Miami. Wishing you a healthy prosperous and bright year ahead! hope we can back soon!

Monday, June 04, 2018

Ikonya and Victoria, ,June 2nd, 2018

It was Victoria's Birthday, She and Ikonya were here from New York to celebrate her birthday. Ikonya decided that the best way to crate a special memory for her birth day is to go sailing and watch the sunset on Biscayne Bay aboard the RA. We were very lucky with the weather. They sat on the forward deck sipping wine and enjoying each others company. Here is what they wrote in the ship's log:

"Thank you immensely , Captain Asaad and Titus, for hosting  my girl friend and myself as we celebrated her birthday.It was such a memorable day, which I will always remember, IKN"

"Thank you so much

What a beautiful experience with the beautiful people, I really enjoyed the trip, the colors, the sounds and much more. That was a very special birthday gift, Victoria