Monday, April 30, 2018

April, 29th, 2018. Mary M. Radcliffe

Mary was the instigator, she talked her friends to celebrate her friend's Bachelorette party aboard the RA, It was not easy but she did it. They were so happy they came.  They came from Israel and Philadelphia to be together for this occasion. The day started with good breeze.
We raised the mizzen, the big Jib and most of the main. Half way on the way back the wind slowed down significantly. I consulted with the ladies if they need to get to the dock soon, or if they prefer to take their time sailing , with such calm wind. The answer was overwhelmigly, the longer we are on the boat the happier we are. My crew, Rana, who is an avid racer, was not so happy with the decision. But ultimately the wind picked up and we sailed all the way to the dock.
I told Rana, true sailors know how to wait for the wind, especially if the guests are having fun
Here is what the bride wrote in the log:

"This is my bachelorette party! and this was an amazing experience . Excellent crew, so friendly and caring everything was pleasant and sensitive. W

e had a great time with all the girls in an awesome cruise!
Thank you so much this was amazing.
Ha Hamutal, Alice,Jenny and Mary"