Sunday, February 04, 2018

February 2nd. 2018, Abey Chab and Family

They were here from Great Britain, Morocco and Miami to experience a day on the great waters of Biscayne bay aboard the ship RA
It was really a very nice calm day, the sun peeked out and in, they seemed not to mind the slow sailing. The consolation prize was the dolphins were all over the bay, and they really enjoy watching them play. We also had a very beautiful sun set.
Here in their own words:

"We had a great time cruising on Biscayne Bay. The weather was perfect as well as the company we were with. We enjoyed food  and drink especially the spinach pies, hummus and falafel.
We were excited to see a pod of dolphins swimming on the bay! The best pictures of Miami sunset, unforgettable, the Chab family"