Sunday, February 25, 2018

February 24th,2018, Diliana's Birth day

This was Isis's birthday's present to her special friend Diliana.
Diliana came aboard with friends to celebrate the day. Titus was aboard to help make the day special. Unfortunately my sweet Isis who organized the event could not be with us. I promised Isis and Diliana that we will have them both aboard soon,
It was a windy day, we raised the mizzen and the stay sail. I  had Diliana on the helm for a while, she really seems like a natural on the helm.
Camillle and her husband and her 18 month old daughter  Iris were aboard. Iris seems to have had a great time.
Christina and Titus had so much in common sharing memories of their days at the Mast Academy.

Here is what they wrote in the ship's log:

"Today is Diliana's Birthday!, No dolphins but beautiful people and an amazing experience, Chris"

"Today is my birthday and what an wonderful day it was, sailing into the sunset with Miami at a distance. Thank you captain Asaad Masoud, Isis and Titus for the most wonderful birthday one can wish for, D


"My husband, 1.5 year old daughter and I sailed with this amazing crew to celebrate Diliana's birthday. The experience was relaxing ,authentic and memorable.Thank you for the sail into the sunset. My daughter  loved climbing allover dansing and staring into the ocean waves as much as we did, Camille "