Sunday, February 25, 2018

February 24th,2018, Diliana's Birth day

This was Isis's birthday's present to her special friend Diliana.
Diliana came aboard with friends to celebrate the day. Titus was aboard to help make the day special. Unfortunately my sweet Isis who organized the event could not be with us. I promised Isis and Diliana that we will have them both aboard soon,
It was a windy day, we raised the mizzen and the stay sail. I  had Diliana on the helm for a while, she really seems like a natural on the helm.
Camillle and her husband and her 18 month old daughter  Iris were aboard. Iris seems to have had a great time.
Christina and Titus had so much in common sharing memories of their days at the Mast Academy.

Here is what they wrote in the ship's log:

"Today is Diliana's Birthday!, No dolphins but beautiful people and an amazing experience, Chris"

"Today is my birthday and what an wonderful day it was, sailing into the sunset with Miami at a distance. Thank you captain Asaad Masoud, Isis and Titus for the most wonderful birthday one can wish for, D


"My husband, 1.5 year old daughter and I sailed with this amazing crew to celebrate Diliana's birthday. The experience was relaxing ,authentic and memorable.Thank you for the sail into the sunset. My daughter  loved climbing allover dansing and staring into the ocean waves as much as we did, Camille "

Sunday, February 18, 2018

February 18th, 2018, Stefania and Jason

Stefania wanted to surprise her husband Jason on his birth day by taking him sailing on Biscayn bay. He never been sailing before and she thought that will be a relaxing experience for a hard working anesthesiologist.
She found me on get my boat .com.
It was just a wonderful day for a first time sailors. I also had Rana , and Mithun on board to help sail the boat. We had everything up, and Ra was making almost hull speed. I was concerned if the guests were scared because of the speed and the heeling of RA, but they assured me that they were indeed enjoying the experience. Here is what Stefania wrote in the log:

"My husband and I had the perfect sailing experience. This was our first time on a sail boat and we couldn't ask for a better day. Wind, breeze a

nd clear water. We also saw a dolphin. We will come back. Thank you captain and crew'

Monday, February 12, 2018

February 10th, PM, Terri Wagner and Family

Terri and her family were here from Wisconsin to visit their Daughter who's is a student at the University of Miami. They stayed at my studio at the Sonesta. They wanted to experience a short sail on Biscayne bay. This was my second trip for today, was not sure if Ned was going to be able to handle two trips in one day so I invited Suzy who was happy to come all the way from Homestead to join us. The weather was great, every body had great time.
here is what Terri wrote in the log:

"Thank you Asaad @ crew for an unforgettable day out on the bay. It was wonderful to meet you
and we will treasure the memories, Jim and Terri Wagner"

February 10th, AM, Flavio De Faria, Brazil

Flavio and his lovely family were here from Brazil. He is an avid sailor and wanted to experience a sail on Biscayn Bay aboard the sailing vessel RA. The weather was great for sailing.
He was on the helm most of the time. As a bonus we got to watch the starting line of the Big Catamarans race.
It was great to have a sailor on board, He really appreciated watching the race
Here is what he wrote in the log:

"Beautiful day.good wind Great 4 hours with the most pleasant people such as Captains Asaad and Ned! Our family had a great time!! we will be back, Flavio Faria, Brazil"

Sunday, February 04, 2018

February 2nd. 2018, Abey Chab and Family

They were here from Great Britain, Morocco and Miami to experience a day on the great waters of Biscayne bay aboard the ship RA
It was really a very nice calm day, the sun peeked out and in, they seemed not to mind the slow sailing. The consolation prize was the dolphins were all over the bay, and they really enjoy watching them play. We also had a very beautiful sun set.
Here in their own words:

"We had a great time cruising on Biscayne Bay. The weather was perfect as well as the company we were with. We enjoyed food  and drink especially the spinach pies, hummus and falafel.
We were excited to see a pod of dolphins swimming on the bay! The best pictures of Miami sunset, unforgettable, the Chab family"