Sunday, December 03, 2017

December 3rd, 2017, Isis, Rana, and Hans

Just a spur of the moment family and friends sail. A beautiful day on Sunday, Rana and Titus will sail the ship for me. I will only supervise and make sure all goes well. Titus tried to explore new ways to to Stiltsville. He is used to get there on Motor boats. We ventured on shallow water, but I realized we were in shallow water before actually running aground. We got lucky. Today also was the first time Titus actually docked RA . It went well. So we opened the champaign to celebrate  another great day at sea. Baby Falcon was having great time. He will be the next Captain of the RA .
Here is what Hans

wrote in the log:

"Dear Captain Asaad, thank you for having me on this chill cruise out around Biscayne Bay. Even though we did not get to Stiltsville and almost ran aground I hardly noticed any danger. The sea became an inviting place that I want to return to again very soon, best wishes, Hans Morgenstern