Sunday, February 19, 2017

February 13th, 2017, Ihab & friends & Sarah from France

My cousin Ihab and his friends were here from Montreal to enjoy some warm weather. They decided to go sailing with me on RA on Biscayne Bay. Then I got the reporters from France who wanted to check out the  great sailing waters of Biscayne Bay and take some pictures of Stiltsville.
I had  all my sails up, sailed for a while was very nice gentle breeze that every body enjoyed, but I needed to start motoring to make it to  Stiltsville.  On the   way back, again sailed for a while. the wind on the stern, but again needed to motor to get home in a reasonable time.
So, we had an interesting day, gentle breeze a bit of sailing a bit of motoring a bit of sight seeing
Here is what Ihab and Sarah wrote in the log:

"We had a lovely day at sea with captain Asaad on his sail boat RA. A memorable day and captain Asaad went out of his way to please us. Thank you very much Asaad for a lovely day, Ihab Tadros"

"Dear Captain Asaad, I was really happy to be on your boat today. Since 27 years I have not been on a sail boat since the storm that blew my yacht away. I feel in peace now after being on your boat. This made me have reconnection with the sea, Thanks a lot, love

, Sarah, from France."