Saturday, September 03, 2016

September 2nd. 2016, Leonado and Caroloina's wedding

What a lovely couple. What a pleasure and honor to have the opportunity to host them aboard my ship the RA on Biscayne bay. A beautiful way to make their vows to each others at  sunset.The weather was amazing, 15-20 knots. Had the staysail and the mizzen up and every body was comfortable. I was lucky to have Arturo and Marg as a crew. they were great help looking after the guests and navigating the ship. Thank you Arturo and Marg.
There was plenty of good food and champaign and a special banner"Just Married"which we hoisted on the forward stays.
Here is what the newly weds wrote in the log:

"It was written
 There are moments in life that the only thing you can do is be speechless. It was amazing! such a wonderful time. Thank you Captain, Thank you all. The best time in my life, Leonardo Calixto & Carolina Pincon"

"This was our perfect wedding, and you made it like a fairy tale. Thanks for your joy and amazing energy.