Sunday, January 10, 2016

January 9th, 2016, Celebrating Amira's return

After a hard day at the MRI clinic, the weather was amazing. I was originally scheduled to take my children sailing. so I called Amira, and the rest is history. They all changed their plans to meet on Dad's boat. Even Omnia cancelled her lunch with Nina, to come sail with us. We ended up coming back to the dock to pick Nina up. The girls really enjoyed each other. It was such a joy for dad to be able to get his children together on his boat. On board was Amira, Anisa, Omnia, Ocean, Ned, josh and Nina. The weather could not have been any better. I raised the main and Staysail and sailed across the bay and returned to watch a gorgeous sunset.
After they all abandoned the Ship, Amira stayed to catch up with dad, here is what she wrote in the log:

"Ship's log on this special day in January. It is special because , I Amira one of the Captain's daughters home literally  moving from NYC to MIami is a significant change and made me realize how grateful I am to be home. Miami is a paradise specially on the RA. We had an amazing sail today with Omnia, Anisa,Ocean, Nina ,Josh and Ned . Felt so good to be back on Biscayne Bay, literally feels like home!!, Amira Masoud, soon t

o be the Captain of the RA.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

January 4th, 2016, Isis & her British Crew

It was a special day for Isis's helpers and crew who came all the way from London to help her in her film and training session that was completed the day before. They all worked very hard and were ripe for a special day relaxing and sailing on Biscayne bay. They were lucky, we had a great day. Was a little chilly for us Floridians, but the brits had no problem. I heard one with her feet in the water saying I am in Heaven. It was really a special treat for their visit to the US.
Here is what they wrote in the log:

"Thank you for such a wonderful afternoon out on the waters of Biscayne Bay. Thank you for taking us all out on your boat today, the first time I have ever been out on one!

It was such an amazing end of a 6 days of shooting and living with an incredible team of talented people, All the best, Kari Anne, Close up experience glad Squad 2015"

"Thank you for taking us all out on your boat today, the first time I have ever been out on one!
the views were beautiful, All the best, Georgia Clark"

"Captain Asaad, Roger here, clearly you have a great credit with the Sun God, with the boat being named after him and all. The weather miraculously cleared and it was a stunning day! It is echoing inside of me. An incredible gift, thank you, it is always a pleasure seeing you , I had some nice chats with Ned . Others are waiting in line for the log, so bon Voyage, See you soon, Thanks, Warmly, Roger Ingraham"

"There was a man from the UK, who had such a wonderful day sailing across the sea and Biscayne Bay, How wonderful is all I can say Thank you Captain for the smooth ride , sailing with a Captain who take super pride Splashing  acros the waves ,feeling relaxed, enjoying the company .
Isis, your Dad is cool and can sail the sea. I don't want to leave, so what is the fee?
Love, Joey Bern"

Thank you so much for a beautiful day!the sea is the best Medicine, XOXO, Kelly Quinn"


Sunday, January 03, 2016

January 2nd, 2016, George Porter & Family

They cam fro Oklahoma to watch their team win, but it did not happen, so they decided to do something fun. It was really a great day to go sailing. Ned came a board, we raised the amain sail and the bog jib. the wind varied from gentle breeze, to no wind to good wind. we hd all the posit
e wind speeds. they really enjoyed the trip. here is what they wrote in the log;

"George 4, George 3 and Mary D2 , Ew came all the way from Oklahoma to watch OU last/play in the Orange bowl. Having lost, this was the best and most calming thing we could have hoped for. Thank you so much for reminding us that Miami is a wonderful place. The ride was so smooth that Mom, Mary who always gets sea sick, enjoyed the entire trip comfortably. We are very grateful to have such great Captain & Crew. Have a great new year ! (Boomer Sooner), Thank You. George 4