Monday, October 05, 2015

October 3rd, 2015, Andrea & friends

This is the first trip that is taking place thru Boat Day.  Thank you Kimon. Andrea , organized that trip with friends to enjoy Sailing on Biscayne bay, and what a day it was. It was so windy, that at the last minute I decided to call Nina, as a extra crew to help man the ship due to the heavy wind. It was blowing steady 25, gusting to 30 knots. Getting out of the slip was the biggest challenge. The wind was coming from the west, so we raised the staysail and the mizen and we sailed out of the channel. It was truly an exhilaration sail.T

hey all had a great time even the crew.
here is what Andrea wrote in the log:

"Boat day event, October 3rd, 2015, was absolutely fantastic!, Thank you boat day and Captain Asaad. The day was so much fun, Andrea"