Sunday, July 19, 2015

July,18th, 2015, Julie and family

Two families came from far away places to get to know each other. Julie decided the best way to have them mix and mingle is an afternoon sail on Biscayne Bay. The day started with a lot of wind. I even lost my hat as we were casting off. kept the small jib up sailing out of the channel on a very low pace, the wind kept slowing down , so we got the big jib up. finally we had to motor home because the wind completely died. They were good sports about the whole thing. Here is what Julie

wrote in the log:

" Captain Asaad, Thank you very much for the wonderful memories and the trip. This was definetly
a real high! You were a wonderful host and both families had a great time, Thank you!!, Julie Hayder, The Hayders and the keenans"