Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 23rd. 2015, Kimon/Univision

Kimon, the inventor of the new App, Boat. day, invited the crew of Univision and some of his friends to come take a look at RA and take a short spin. Kimon and the crew helped me get RA out of the slip. It was a windy day. Carlos the videographer who is also a boater, appreciated the experience.
Here is what Sonia, the host of the event and Carlos

wrote in the log:

"Thank you captain, what a great preview we got on your beautiful boat. I hope many people will be able to enjoy it using the new app. It is nice to be in the hands of someone as experienced as you!,Sonia Parissos, Univision"

" Had a great boating experience, thank you for everything, Carlos"