Saturday, December 13, 2014

November 30th 2014 Chris&Sandy Parmeter

Charter was from 2-6 so we could catch the beautiful sunset on Biscayne Bay. For Crew we had Titus, Mario, Josh, Asaad was in Costa Rica so he could not make it. The sun was shining and the winds were crisp blowing at 25 Knots. We ran on the Mizzen and Stay sail till the winds calmed and we raised the big jib, things were good until  the wind picked up and the RA started flying we clocked speeds of 6.8 Knots, which is very close to hull speed. At this point we decided to drop the big jib and return to running the stay sail and the mizzen. Here is what the guests wrote in the ships log:

" Wife pawned this off on me. After Thanksgiving sunset cruise. Josh,Titus and captain Mario took great care of the six of us.Weather was perfect with just the right mix of wind. Caught some good swells and really had a smooth ride. Capped the trip off with a beautiful sunset.
                                                                                             Chris, Sandy, Jeff, Bob, Carol, Sally"