Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 31st, 2014, Ami &Friends

It is always a pleasure to have Ami and his friends aboard. He is a great sailor and a great host, and his friends are all very special. Today particularly we had another fellow sailor,, Karl Fitzgerald and his family, also on board for the first time was Gaby , Sarah and Chris.
It was beautiful on the water, the wind wa

s 15-120 knots. We first raised the mizzen and staysail. On the way back we eased also the big Jib. Ra really took of, and that is when Ami decided to get dragged. He is such an adventurous person. I was concerned. but he did it.
here is what they wrote in the log:

"Asaad, thank you for the amazing sail boat ride. the story of your life you shared reminded me of a poem from pablo Nieirda called , " Viejo lobo de mar' Thank you for a lovely time  Gaby Tolles"

"from a young sailor to an experienced sailor, Raquel, tara Ian and I thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon sail on the RS !. She is a fine vessel and it was good to finally experience it. it is always a great day on the bay with old friends. take care, Karl Fitzgerald"

August, 30, 2014, the Chilean crew

They were her for business. but they were also sailors. so they could not leave miami without experiencing a sili on Biscayne Bay. the bay and the weather definitely did not disappoint. we had good breeze. we sailed put on the mizzen and sty sail. but they wanted more sail, so on the way back we raised the Big jib. they were really happy with the experience. here is what Oscar wrote in the log:

"Captain: Muchas Gracias por the sail. Muy Lindo su velero, Oscar"

Saturday, August 30, 2014

August, 29th, David & Joana

David waned to set up a unique setting for his brother to oppose to his girl friend. so he decided to have hi brother propose on the forward deck of the ailing vessel RA while sailing on the friendly waters of Biscayne Bay. It was a gorgeous afternoon. the group cheered when she said Yes. RA has a magic on the ldies. no body could resist a love proposal on RA
here is what they wrote in the log:

" Thank you for making this a magical experience, David"

Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 23rd, 2014, The Ecuadorian group

Some of them came fro Ecuador, many of them were at the end of  world tour in the middle east. They could not miss a few hours sailing on our great Biscayne bay before they go shopping. So we left early in the morning for 2 hours sail on the bay. It was a very peaceful quiet sail. The wind was gentle and the bay was calm. They all had a good time. Here is what they wrote in the log:

"From the middle of the world!!!  All you need is Ecuador. Thank you RA and Crew"

August,22nd,2014 Isis & Anisa

Isis and Titus were in town. Titus just landed from a long flight from
Europe, but there was nothing he would rather do than go sailing on RA on Biscayne Bay.
Here is what Titus wrote in the log:

"It was a gorgeous summer day on the bay today!
Captain Asaad took Isis, Anisa, Josh & Titus on a relaxing sunset sail, we had a gentle 10 Knots breeze so we were quickly under sail once we got out of the channel.
I ha
d the pleasure of manning the helm for the entire voyage. Hope to be out again next week, Titus>      

August 9th,2014, Yakell Mannas

Yakell wanted to do something special to celebrate the graduation of her friend Shandia, also to have a special reunion with her friends who came all the way from Detroit to enjoy sailing on RA on Biscayne bay.
here is what they wrote in the log:

"The best experience ever,Thank you Captain for letting me celebrate my my graduation on your Ship!. I had a great experience, Shandia'

"Asaad, Thank you for making our girls day Great. The girls from Michigan were happy about the surprise memorable boat ride because of you. We had a blast. Cant wait to do it again. Thanks Yakell."


"It was amazing, Thank you, Nick"

Friday, August 08, 2014

July 24th,2014

It was a spur of the moment
she had friends from out of town, the weather was good, so we went sailing
Here is what she wore in the log:

"Thank you so much for a wonderful trip you gave us all. It was beautiful and very enjoyable. Thanks for the time you spent with us to drive us around . You were a wonderful Captain. We enjoyed the day and we all thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!, Storino,Swayne and Nunez family"