Monday, April 14, 2014

April 13th, 2014, Ulysis and Mariana

They had guests from Venzuela, so they decided to treat them for  a day sail on Biscayn Bay. The day started with good breeze. The weatherman promised an increas in wind velociy as the day progreses. He was dead wrong. The wind actually subsided. It still was a beatiful day and they all had a great time, especially young
Camilla, she was catching sea weeds with the help of Margie, who was on board as a crew for the first time.
Camila was so excited to sea little sea life,  tiny crabs and shrimps  hiding in the sea weeds.
Here is what Mariana wrote in the log:

"Amazing trip! Sailing on the RA.  Today's weather was wonderful, Good Captain, Good staff, Mariana"