Saturday, February 22, 2014

February, 22nd, 2014, Smitha & Jhn Payn

They came from Washington D.C. and Tennessee to meet in our Magic City and to sail on our Magical Biscayne bay. Smitha's  brother Dr. Subba Gollamudi Proposed to his wife Dipti on the bow of RA 23 years Ago. So Smitha organized this outing to have her brother relive their beautiful experience of  that far back. So they sat on the very spot where Subba surprised Dipti asking her to marry him. Now they are happily married and have kids in College. It was really  a great feeling for me to revisit people who started thier lives on the bow of my ship.
Here is what they wrote in the ship's log:

" We are happy to be on RA with you again for the third time. We were engaged on the RA 12/23/91 and have returned 2 times since. Dipti & Subba Gollanudi, Thank you for another memorable trip!"

" We had a relaxing memorable time with you . We will see you again, the Paynes, Washington D.C."