Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 19th, 2014, Caro; Lopez

I donated a siling outing on Biscayn bay on the RA to Fertile earth. An organization dedicated to a better use of our planet. Carol who is also dedicated to a better use of our planet, bid on my doantion and won the boat ride.
We had to cancel one becaus of bad weather, I was afraid she was going to cancel again because of unseasable cold weater. Wel she decided to go for it and bring her husband and her mother. I invited Ned, my favourit Crew and Albina my favourite hostess and Marcella my new friend. Inspite of the 45 degree wather, to my surprise everybody showed up. It was really a beatiful mornign. we sailed on the big Jib and the dtaysail. we were able to watch some of the international olymic regattas. we learned a lot about Wine making from Carol and had some great laughes from her amazing mother.
in all it was a great morning on the water with great friends.
here is what they wrote in the log:

" Captain oh  Captain, What a perfect day. a beautiful boat and a beatiful soul. I am so happy to have met you. You are a generous host and I hope to return the favor., Carol Lopez Bethel and Family"

" " The Blues. In all bad comes the good, causes  & effects, Yin  and Yang
With all sincerity, I am very grateful to Captain Asaad and the crew for a splendid journey on the blues and the priceless moments of laughter. Much love and light Always, Marcella Paz Cohen "