Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 11th,2014, Gianfraco and Margaret Fronefield

This was a special present from Margaret and Luke to her parents. John and Linda came from Naples to enjoy a day sail on Biscayne bay and watch the regattas taking place on the bay. It was a beautiful day with gentle breeze, like 10 Knots. We started with the main, the mizzen and the stay sail, then we raised the yanky and were indeed under full sail. It was really a great day for sailing, and Linda who is a sailor was really enjoying the ride. After watching several regattas they decided to go see stilts ville. We took a close hauled tack towards stilts ville, but had to motor to get in the channel and see all the houses. an activity that really made them happy. We then sailed under full sail all the way home. Here is what John wrote in the log:

"The Cordillos  of Naples and the Fronefields of the Grove thank you for a marvelous cruise. The crew was accommodating, ( Stilts Ville) and sincere. and you could

 not order up better sailing weather, John and Linda Cordillo, Luke and Margret fronefield"

We had Mabel as a first mate for the first time to learn the ropes from Gianfranco.
The wind blue luke's hat , and I was not sure we could retrieve it. But we tacked and Luke was able to pic it up with the boat hook. This is probable the first time I go after a hat. But to Tilly's credit, the hat actually floated as they advertise.