Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DEecember 15th, 2013, My Cousins from Egypt

My cousins, Mira and her husband Lotfy and their son Ibrahim, and My cousin Asaad and his wife Magda came to see me in Miami after a trans atlanic cruise. I wanted to make sure that they enjoy the best Miami has to offer, that is a sailing on RA on Biscayne bay. The weather man was not predicting the best weather conditions, but we really had a great day. Captain Ned came on board, and they all enjoyed a pleasant time aboard the RA. Here is what they wrote in the log:

"Captain, Dr. Professor Asaad N. Masoud, family and friendship for many years since we were born. Crowned by your unlimited hospitality you and yourwonderful loving family. With all our love, God Bless you, Mira Asaad, Asaad Farag , Lotfy Yacoub, Magda Morgan, Amir Azmy , Ibrahim Yacoub"

"Best tri

p ever, Asaad Rocks the boat. We sailed into the sun to be met by a full moon, Thanks for a lovely day, you are the best, Ibrahim Yacoub"