Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 13th, 2013, Rebecca

Rebecca wanted to have a special event to Celebrate her daughter's 9th birthday. A sail on RA on Miami's Biscayne bay was the ticket. It was a beautiful day. I also had my friend Mike and his friend Rafaela aboard as a crew. It was a breezy day with an overcast. It also happened to be Columbus day, so there was many sail boats returning from the Regatta. By the time we got to the dock all the children were totally relaxed. We had to carry them off the ship. I told Rebecca that they will sleep well, and they sure did.
here is what they
 wrote in the log:

"We celebrated Zara's 9th birthday with a fantastic sail. The children enjoyed the experience and will be talking about it for quiet a while. Wonderful hospitality and beautiful day for sailing. Thanks for a fantastic afternoon, Rebecca"

"Thank you so much for this excellent experience. Blessings and happy sailing, Bri-Abel"