Monday, September 02, 2013

August 31st,2013, Krill & Gracea's Wedding

Krill who is a Russian America was a house mate.He lived in my house when Gracia came as a couch surfing guest from Mexico. Krill and Gracia spent  time together. later krill went to Mexico to see her. It was succh a happy day when krill called me to request that they perform their wedding ceremony on RA sailing on Biscayne Bay.
Off course  I said what an honor and a pleasure to have you get married on my boat.That way I get to put a happy endeng for what I started  a while back.
It was a very beautiful day, a great begining to a wonderful new couple starting a new life together. Aboard was his mother and his father and Ms Loles Pardo the Notary public and Karen who came to help as a crew.
Here is what the couple wrote in the log:

"Today we closed one cycle to start another one. And none of

this could be possible without your kindness and help. Thank you so much Captain. Today Gracia Greco and Krill Kokarev got married on your boat, Thanks a lot, Krill and Gracia"