Friday, August 09, 2013

August9th, 2013, Neil Patel and Helia

It was Helia's Birth day. They came from Washington D.C. to clebrate the day Sailing on Biscayne Bay. They came alone. Their friends were worried about the weather. It was that kind of day, where you were not sure what the weather will bring. It actually turned out to be a very nice day for sailing.Tthank to Captain Ned, he knew how to avoid the rain, and we indeed avoided  it. It was windy, like 20 -24 knots of wind. we had the steady minimus sailing plan. the mizzen and the stay sail
We also had Albina aboard . All had a great time.
Here is what Neil wrote in the log:

"Captain Asaad, Helia and I had a wonderful experience on the boa today. It was the perfect way to celebrate her 28th Birthday !! Even though the weather was not perfect, Ned and Albina made the trip memorable. We will definitely be back ! Thanks, Neil Patel and Helia Ke