Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 29th, 2013, Fueling at Crandon

I invited Hindy and Adnan to help me go across the bay to pick up some fuel. Ximena a lso decided to come aboard with her friend Alexandra, who is new to Miami from Colombia. the weather as unsettled. we waited on board until it seemed to subside. we took off about 4 pm to catch the fueling doc before 6 pm. the wind was in the nose. we also had couple storms on the way. my new crew were very accommodating. too bad we could not sail on the way back either. . Mission accomplished safely against all odds. here is what they wrote in the log; " Another beautiful day sailing with captain Asaad. Loved the rain and wonderful company, Thanks, Ximena" "Thank you very much for this wonderful experience. very nice meeting you! Alexandra" "Captain Asaad, I truly enjoyed riding along today on RA! very cool boat, beautiful scenery and very friendly people. I look forward to sailing with you soon!, Adnan"