Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 30th, 2013, Robin Lewin & Family

It was Robin's Birthday, and she wanted to do something special. She and her husband mark and the three children came aboard for a 3 hour cruise on Biscayne bay. I invited Hindy and her daughter Elizabeth to join as crew. I sure needed some help today. It was blowing steady 25 knots. we sailed on the mizzen and stay sail. RA does very well in heavy weather with this sail plan. It was a beautiful afternoon. Thanks to mark and Hindy for helping Jibe and manage the sails. Here is what Robin wrote in the log: " just returned from a three hour cruise with captain Asaad aboard the RA. Had a great time. Captain Asaad is a competent sailor and a great conversationalist. The weather was perfect with wind at our backs and the experience will be remembered. Thanks Captain from the lewins, Mark and Robin"

June 29th, 2013, Fueling at Crandon

I invited Hindy and Adnan to help me go across the bay to pick up some fuel. Ximena a lso decided to come aboard with her friend Alexandra, who is new to Miami from Colombia. the weather as unsettled. we waited on board until it seemed to subside. we took off about 4 pm to catch the fueling doc before 6 pm. the wind was in the nose. we also had couple storms on the way. my new crew were very accommodating. too bad we could not sail on the way back either. . Mission accomplished safely against all odds. here is what they wrote in the log; " Another beautiful day sailing with captain Asaad. Loved the rain and wonderful company, Thanks, Ximena" "Thank you very much for this wonderful experience. very nice meeting you! Alexandra" "Captain Asaad, I truly enjoyed riding along today on RA! very cool boat, beautiful scenery and very friendly people. I look forward to sailing with you soon!, Adnan"

Friday, June 28, 2013

June 26th, 2013, Pedro Cardenas & Family

Pedro is a man on the go, always traveling. Very little time to spend with his family. So he tries to have that time count. I mean real quality time with the children. So he called me , and asked me if I am free this afternoon. Real spur of the moment decision to take everybody sailing on Biscayne bay. Well of course, RA is always ready, so was her captain, and by 4:30 we were underway for a beautiful sunset cruise. everybody had a great time. I really enjoyed having young David help me raise and lower the sails. I think he will make a great sailor one day. way to go David. Here is what Pedro wrote in the log: " Thank you so much for an amazing experience. No money can reward the beautiful sunset that my family and I spent together. Best of luck on future trips, and I hope to see you many more times, Pedro"

June 23rd, 2013, Ami and friends

This day was scheduled to take Ceci and few board members of Miami Beach chamber of commerce. I also Invited Ami and Kurt to come as crew. at the last minute, Ceci cancelled, so we ended up going without the chamber board. It was a great day and we all had a good time. Ami was the host est with the mos test. Captain Larry and his friend Oscar of the Miami ski club came aboard. Here is what they wrote in the log: "Thanks Asaad !! great chatting and getting to know everyone. It was a beautiful day for sailing, Jenny cannon" "Fabulous, Fabulous Fabulous, Sailed away to never never land, Thanks Captain Asaad, Oscar Hernandez" "Thank you so much for the experience to sail on such a beautiful boat. Your Yach is one in a million. The trip was so unforgettable and smooth, Captain Larry Raimondi"

Sunday, June 09, 2013

June 9th, Denise Willaims B Day

It was Denise's Birthday. I just came back from the cruise with my family. was first phone call from Denise. She wanted to celebrate her birthday with her family and friends aboard the RA on Biscayne By. we had a little squall as they boarded the boat. then It was smooth sailing. here is what she wrote in the log: "The Captain was very nice. Did great job, Great Captain"