Monday, May 27, 2013

June 27th, 2013, Don Morphy & Jackie

It was their Anniversary, 15 years together. They decided to have a celebration aboard the RA on Biscayne Bay. It was a very unusual, unsettled weather conditions. Very Windy, 20-25 steady , hazy conditions, like sailing on the clouds. I was glad to have Ned aboard to help mange the boat. We sailed to key Biscayne and hid behind the Island. people seem to like that spot when the wind is blowing hard. here is what they wrote in the log: "What a great day of sailing! perfect conditions & perfect conversations. A great outing all around. Thank you for the wonderful journey, All the best, Donald & Jackie"

Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 26th, 2013, Darren Mast & Jennifer

Darren has been on my boat once a while back. He remembered having a good time on RA, He requested Alex the concierge at the Ritz on key Biscayne to find me. This is the best compliment a guest could pay me. He and Jennifer were here from Chicago for a wedding. He wanted to share with Jennifer the pleasant experience of Sailing on Ra in Biscayne bay.So they came for a sunset cruise. It was very windy. we sailed with the Mizzen and stay sail. Both Darren an Jennifer helped sail the boat.I took them to the lee of the island for some tranquil time, which they did enjoy. Here is what they wrote in wrought log: " Captain Asaad took us on the most fantastic evening sail. The wind was blowing strong and we had both sun and rain. What a great sail. Best wishes, Darren & Jennifer"

Saturday, May 25, 2013

May 25th, 2013, Gianfranco and Chrisyan

Christian has not seen his friend Gianfranco for 15 years. He and his family were here in Miami to visit him. So Gianfraco wanted to treat him and the children to the best Miami has to offer a Sunset sailing excursion on Biscayne Bay. The best sailing waters in the world. The weather could not have been better. It was blowing 20-25 knots steady. We raised the mizzen and the stay sail. Ned was aboard. even Ned commented of how well RA handles heavy weather. We sailed to key Biscayne. Here is what they wrote in the log: "It was a wonderful trip!, thank you very much Captain Asaad. My kids will never forget this day, Shukran Gazilan, Lawina" 'Merci Captain, un grand plaisir, Thank you, Christian"

Rona & Ron, May 25th, 2013

Rona who know me from Miami Beach chamber of commerce, had her friend Ron visiting from New York. Even though Ron is a power boater, he wanted to experience sailing on Biscayne bay. The best sailing waters in the world. The weather did not disappoint. It was sunny, clear and windy. I mean 20-25 knots of wind steady. I had the mizzen and the big jib up first. Water spray was coming across the bow. They seem to enjoy that. However, I decided to give them a more comfortable ride. So I took the big jib down and raised the Stay Sail. We went to the lee of key Biscayne for a tranquil ride. Here is what Rona wrote in the log: " Best Day Ever, Thank you Captain Asaad for being such a fabulous host & Captain, XOX Ron, Rona & Romi

Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 117th, 2013, Albina's Citizenship

I learned from Albina that she is to receive her Citizenship on the 17th at the courthouse. I offered to go with her to cheer for her and be a support person in that very special day in her life. Unfortunately we could no take cameras or cell phones at the court house. So after the ceremony I took her to a nice vegetarian lunch at bay side, then to my house where I took couple photos of her with the American flag. The ceremony was really very brief and dry compared to other ceremonies. Reason it was at the court house since all the inductees needed their names changed..

May 17th, 2013, Katy Sorenson & Albina

I donated a sailing trip to the Tropical Audubon society which was auctioned at their annual fund raising event. Katy won the item. she had her mother visiting from Wisconsin and decided to take her sailing on Biscayne bay. It was a lovely sunset cruise. I had Jo aboard as a crew. Here is what Katy wrote in the log: "Dear Captain Asaad , we truly enjoyed the sunset cruise with my 89 year old mother, my husband and my son and his wife. Thank you for the lovely experience and thank you for supporting the Tropical Audubon Society ! Peace in Egypt soon, warm Regards, Katy Sorenson"

Thursday, May 16, 2013

May 12th, 2013, Sohail, Karina and Rina

Karina was here from Munich, Germany to visit Sohail. He wanted to show her the best Miami has to offer. So he decided to take her sailing on Biscayne Bay. It was Mother's day. Unfortunately his mother could not Join us. I invited Joan Dengler and her daughter Ashley to celebrate Mothers day with us on Biscayne Bay. She really . I also had my friend Albina to come aboard to help sail the boat. A great time was had by all. Sohail was snapping pictures like there was no tomorrow. I hope to see some of these pictures. Here is what they wrote in the log: " Dear Captain Asaad! Thanks so much for having us on your wonderful boat. A great sailing trip and a fantastic afternoon. You really added a great adventure to my US holidays !, Liebe Grusse, Karina from Munich" " Dear Captain Masoud, You are an amazing person and I am so honored to be able to experience something as wonderful as seeing Biscayne Bay through you heart and your beautiful RA! Love Sohail" "Dear Captain Asaad, Your passion for sailing is so beautiful, a thing to witness. thank you for sharing your time and making life so much sweeter for others by doing so. All the best and many thanks, Rina Fazluddin" " Thank you for one of the best Mother's Day ever ! Joan and Ashley" "Dear Captain Asaad, Thank you for your kindness and a great time on RA,, A special thank you for letting me hold the helm! With Love, Albina"

May 5th, 2013, Michael Bates engagement

Michael wanted to propose to he love of his life. He wanted to make the occasion very special and very memorable. So he decided to pop the question while sailing aboard the RA on Biscayne Bay at sunset. And indeed it was a beautiful sunset. What a setting for a time and place for a life time commitment. Here is what Michael wrote in the Log: " To Captain Asaad, Thank you for this memorable evening. You cant put a price on a beautiful sunset and a couple that fallen in love and wanted to make one of the most greatest moments and memorable experiences on your sailboat. Thank you for this wonderful night. We cant express our gratitude enough. We wish you the best and your future endeavors. Thank you always, Jerlyn, Michael & Jenny"

May 5th, 2013, Rebeca Rodriguez & family

We met at the chamber of commerce. She wanted to give me a facial and take her family sailing on Biscayne bay. It was a beautiful day. We sailed and they also went swimming. here are their testimonials: " Captain Asaad, we loved the time we spent with you. You and your boat are unbelievable. Thank you for everything. This was a lovely day, Guenna, Miguel,Rebeca,ofer Guadalupe, Aaron and Rebeca" " To Captain Asaad, We had a great day with you on your boat. The music was amazing,and we loved your calm personality and your great knowledge of the sea and life. Was great to stop and dip in the water, Thank you, your friend fro Israel Ofer Manor" "Captain Asaad, thank you for a smooth ride . We had a great time. Be safe on the seas always, Aaron & Guadalupe"