Monday, April 01, 2013

March 31st, 2013, Isi's Class reunion & Mail

Josh told me that he and Anisa have Sunday off, so I scheduled to have Mali come along to experience the RA sailing on Biscayne bay so she can help promote it. Amira wanted to come along with a friend or two. Long Story short, no Anisa, no Amira, but Isis invited all her friends who came from all over the world for the class reunion that was hosted by Isis. It was a beautiful day for sailing. Mali decided to invite her friend Andres who brought his girl friend Adais. It was a big crowd. Ra did fine. she was actually taking on water. the bilge pump recorded 87 times. while under sail. I guess I was the only one worried.Every body had a great time. Here is what they wrote in the log: "Had an awesome time,!!. Thanks for everything, Ian" ""Thanks for showing us Miami from the Bay, Had an amazing time today, Rob" "Thanks for a beautiful afternoon on the Bay. Had a great time!Lindsay" "Thank you Captain Masoud!What an amazing afternoon! Julie" " Thank you for a wonderful boat ride. It was lovely, Andres & Adais" "Thank you so much for the the lovely tour! I really enjoyed it, Joel" " Thank you for this lovely day!, Rachel" " Thank you for the fabulous tour of the bay!, Stephanie" "Thank you for the best boat ride and companionship, Mall and Eva" "Captain Masoud, Thank you for this wonderful experience, Millie" " To the best boat on Biscayne Bay, The best day ever and the best dad in the world! As always , me and my friends had an unforgettable Experience Love U, Icy"