Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 6th, 2013, Sharans Bachelor Party

We had two grooms on board. They are getting married, not to each others though. They and their friends were in Miami to celebrate their end of their bachelor life. They could not think of anything better to do than Sailing on The RA on Biscayne bay. Most of them were Virgins. I mean never been on a sailing vessel before. To them they were breaking their virginity in a different way. Kurt and Eden came as a crew, his friend Scott and Marty were also on board. it was indeed a great day for sailing and for making new friends. Here is what they wrote in the log: "Thanks for a great day sailing ! would love to do it again, Scott Pribble" " Asaad, Thank you so much for another opportunity to get out on the water . Beautiful and every time is better than the last, Kurt" "Asaad, Thanks a ton for the calm, refreshing contemplating,Joyous ride on the sea. In the raucous and crazy three days, this has been a wonderful break. We appreciate the hospitality and good will an will be back the next time we are in Miami, Kartik Subbu" " Zen, Peaceful, Dolphins ! thank you, Edan" "Capt Asaad, Thank you for the wonderful time. It was refreshing and calm, Rolit" " Captain Asaad, thanks for making this trip fun and comfortable , this was a true Miami Experience, Sharan" "Captain Asaad, Kurt and the rest of the crew, Thanks for making this an unforgettable experience. The sun, waves and breeze made this a truly unique experience. it was a first time seeing dolphins up close too, a must do for any Miami trip , Pradip The bachelor" " Captain, My first boat ride, and a very enjoyable and relaxing time. My friends and I loved it, Thanks for making this a great experience, Krishna" " Captain Asaad, I always used to dream of going on a sail boat, Today the dream came true. I used to watch the sail boats racing, I always was very fascinated by how a simple sail boat could be so much more fun . Thanks a lot for making it a fun time, Arun"