Friday, April 26, 2013

April 20th, 2013, Lisette and her family

Lisette and her family wanted to enjoy a day sail on Biscayne Bay. We left about 4 pm, The weather was gentle, but the clouds were all around us. I sailed with the mizzen and stay sail. Gian Franco was on board as my crew. After a couple of hours of nice sailing, we had a squall. They all went below deck, Gian and I stayed on deck. I back winded the jib and watched for on coming traffic. Indeed there was a sailboat that showed up thru the fog. Had to start the engine to get out of her way. After the storm subsided, we sailed home. here is what Nicole wrote in the log: "Asaad, Thank you for an Awesome trip. It was truly an experience! I hope to see you again !!, Nicole" I