Saturday, April 13, 2013

April 13th, 2013, Tara's Birthday

Tara was celebrating her 40th birthday. They all came all the way from Chicago. Tara could not think of anything more exciting than taking her friends and family for a sail on Miami's Biscayne Bay. They were scheduled to set sail at 2 pm. It started raining just about 2 and continued to get worst. We actually had a serious storm. Tara and her friends wanted to cancel, or go early tomorrow. About 4 pm the sun came out and the weather turned beautiful. I managed to convince Tara and her friends to make a sunset cruise out of the trip. What a beautiful sail it was and what a great sunset they experienced. And to top it all the dolphins were chasing us on our way home. I could swear that the more the ladies screamed the more the dolphins continued to follow RA. here are the comments of the ladies: "Captain Asaad, Thank you for a fabulous time. The sunset was awesome, Leslie" "Thank you Captain Asaad, what a great sail and the great sunshine, Kristina Resenez" " This was fascinating ! the sunset was beautiful and seeing the dolphins was a plus. Thank you for this phenomenal experience captain Asaad, Tenika Broussard. Chicago. Il" " Captain Asaad, I am so grateful that I found you. You made my 40th Birthday celebration with family and friends from Chicago so memorable. You are so kind and I am so glad that the storm subsided and you convinced me to sail. To watch the sunset on RA is something I will never forget. Thank you for this lovely experience. Any one visiting Miami should sail with you, Tara Broussard, Chicago, Il" " This was an amazing experience!, I was very afraid of getting sea sick, however I was so busy enjoying the beauty that I didn't even think of it. Captain Asaad was so friendly and entertaining. A must do on your vacation, Tekita Gordon, Chicago" "An awesome experience that I will never forget. Very relaxing and refreshing. The dolphins were a very special touch. Thank you so much Captain Asaad, Shantel Walker, Chicago" " I had an amazing experience with Captain Asaad! He has a great spirit! It was awesome seeing the sun set on the bay. I can't believe how relaxed and enjoyable this whole experience was for me and my friends, Tia B, Chicago'