Monday, March 18, 2013

March 14th, 2013, Ami Frey & the law Office

Ami wanted to share his love to the sea and sailing with his colleagues and staff at the law office. So H arranged to take them sailing on Biscayne Bay aboard the RA. It was a very windy day. I started with the Mizzen and Big Jib. Half way towards stilts-ville the wind picked up to over 20 knots, so I dropped the big jib and opened the stay sail. We had a very comfortable and scenic ride through the houses of Stilts Ville. All had a great time, Here are some of the testimonials: "Thank you very much for the tour.It is my first trip in America and I really to see all the different part here. Have a good time on your wonderful boat, Thank you again, Pauline" Thank you for an amazing afternoon. Your RA is an awesome boat and you were a great host , Bruce" " Thank you for a beautiful trip, we had a wonderful trip , One to remember, Barbie" " I love your boat Asaad, very beautiful! Keep up the good work.thank you again for everything, Ely & Brian" "Thank you , Thank ,Thank you, It was an awesome trip and I will let everyone know about you, Abbie" " Asaad It is always a pleasure. Your boat is always a joy Sebastian" " Asaad, Thank you for such a special day. I have enjoyed this experience before, But today was the best of all the days we had at sea. Thank you for being so special. I look forward to see you again, Love. Idalia"