Friday, September 21, 2012

September 19th, 2012, Ami & friends

Ami Knows how to have a party on the water. He even knows how to avert being rained on. We sailed out on the Jib and Mizzen. Watched a spectacular sunset with rain and fireworks and managed to get home before it started raining. So we went below deck , turned on the AC and resumed the party in the comfort of the air conditioned cabin. we had the best of both world. Way to Go Ami. You and your beautiful friends are welcome Aboard the RA any time. Here is what some of the guests wrote in the log: " Asaad , thank you so much for this beautiful time. Hope we become friends, Maita" " Dear Asaad Thank you so much for this amazing experience. I will always remember it. I love you in my heart, love Idalea" " Asaad, your chemistry is so powerful ! Thank you so much for the lovely trip and conversations. I enjoyed your boat almost as much as the company,Ryan " " Asaad , In a city full of lights, Big money and Big show, you took us on a trip full of wonderful company, sunsets and a beauty unprecedented of the city that is Miami. Thank you for a refreshing view of the simple things of life! Gabeth Rhing" " Ha sido la mejor noche que he tenido. Muchas Gracias a tremendo capitan, Anna Lopera"