Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 18th, 2012, Carlos Paga & friends

Carlos and his lovely wife Wendy and his friends who were here from San Francisco, came sailing. Carlos wanted to show his California friends what a great place to sail Miami's Biscayne bay is. We had very variable weather conditions, from total doldrums to good wind. I had Joseph, Mark and his wife Mary aboard as crew. good time was had by all. Here is what they wrote in the log " Dear captain Asaad, Thank you very much for a splendid afternoon aboard RA ! We delighted in the calm seas, thunder bolt in the distance and dolphins gliding along side the vessel. Wishing you many more smooth sailings!, love, the Duncans, San Francisco, the Pagans Aventura" "An absolute pleasure crewing with you. Mary struwick"