Friday, May 11, 2012

May 10th, 2012, Jason Smith & family

I t was graduation time for Adam, Jason's brother, who is a sailor. So as a way to celebrate Adam's Graduation, Jason decided to treat him for a sailing outing on RA on Miamis Biscayne Bay. Michael, who is also graduating from law school was here from California. He is also a sailor who lives on his boat . What a dream charter for me. they did all the work. raising and lowering the sails, taking the helm, even Navigating. I could not have asked for better crew. Jason who is a meteorologist, seem to not only predict the weather, it seemed like he was controlling it. The weather conditions were tailor made for such a group. In one day we had any where from doldrums to stormy weather sustained up to 26 knots. RA Loved it and performed to everybody's expectations. They did love it, steering RA under full sail with such heavy wind. They really did a great job doing it. I just watched and gave few tips to such seasoned sailors.. they did not want to come home. We stayed few extra hours. Here is what they wrote in the log: "An absolute fantastic sail. Great wind, and great vessel. This boat is the one I see when I look at the sea. Thanks for everything, Jason" " Thank you much,RA be a fine vessel yall!, Keep in contact, looking forward to the photos. S
afe travels, Michael Sokolson" " Fine ship, excellent Captain, Hope to see you again soon, Adam Ferguson"