Friday, March 09, 2012

March 6th, 2012, Leah Johns and the Bain Group

It was so windy that Leah was concerned wind was steady 22-28 Knots). She told me other sailing charters has been cancelled. I told her RA is uniquely equipped to handle such wind. I promised her a safe ,comfortable and exhilarating sail. So she agreed and the group came aboard for the excitement. and exciting it was. Indeed it was very heavy wind, the regattas were postponed because of the heavy wind. getting out of the slip was the hardest part, but thanks to the capable help of the Bain group we did it without a hitch. I had the mizzen and stay sail up and RA was making Hull speed, yet steady and comfortable.
here is what Leah wrote in the log:

" We (several colleagues in Miami for a work trip) heard about Captain Asaad from colleagues who sailed with him a week earlier. Because we heard such rave reviews, we expected a lovely afternoon on the ocean in the sun. Our afternoon aboard the RA with Captain Asaad exceeded all expectations and left us feeling at peace absolutely satisfied and really not wanting leave. Thank you so much to captain Asaad for an unforgettable and very much needed sunset cruise aboard his 2nd home. Would absolutely do this again. Thank you for a new sense of calm!, Best Leah (and my friends from London, Atlanta,Sweden, NYC and San Fran)