Friday, March 09, 2012

March 4th. 2012, Cerebral Palsy charter

Lara and Stewart Starr won the bid on the donation I gave to the cerebral Palsy fund. They booked me for today, to set sail at 10 am. I got a voice mail confirming the time from Lara the previous day. Since it was so windy, I invited several crew to come help run the ship. Suzy manning the Sky diver came fro Home stead, Gianfranco and his brother Juan who was here from Uruguay, came from Miami beach. I also invited Kelly who came with Megan who was here from Michigan. and we all sat waiting for the charter guests. several calls , only to voice mail.
Here is what my crew wrote in the log:
"Though the sail was cancelled, I was very happy to just soak the views and enjoy the good company!  Thank you for the invite,Captain, Kelly Woodward"

" was looking forward to a nice beautiful sailing trip, as always with captain Asaad, but it was cancelled. had a good time meeting wonderful people who were the crew today! Thanks Asaad for inviting me as a crew, Suzy Manning"

" Even though the sail was cancelled, I loved being in the harbour surrounded by boats and water. I was looking forward to my first sail, but will be anxious to try again on my next visit!, megan Coler"

: Great time with the Captain and his crew , even though the sail was cancelled, we had a great time. I love RA, Juan Sancassano"