Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 13th, 2012, Felix,Bain Group III

This is the third group of the London office of Bain to come aboard. It was my lucky day to be contacted by Christian who referred me to Leah who referred me to Felix. What a lovely friendly fun loving bunch. There certainly was mutual positive energy between them, RA , Biscayne Bay and lastly Myself. Even with the very heavy day of March 6th, they had a great time. Today was good wind, but too much for a swim. They did enjoy what we have to offer, good wind, good sun and a steady she goes, good old RA.
here is what they wrote in the log:

'Dear Captain Asaad, We had an amazing time in your boat. Recommended by some work colleagues, we arrived to the boat with very high expectations, and we accomplished them all.
We felt a very energetic and youthful person and spirit in the vessel, keep up the good Karma.
Thank you very much , we will make sure we will recommend you for the next generation of Bain people ((Baines)
Best, Felix,James,X2,Peter, Ana, Gemma, Charlotte & Jesse"

"P.S: Thank you for the super interesting conversation on human nature. I really enjoyed the chat and totally agree with your way of seeing life, Thank you again, Ana, Spain"