Thursday, March 15, 2012

March 15th, 2012, The Terra Photo Shoot

They Chartered the RA for a sunrise photo shoot on Miami's Biscayne Bay. It was indeed a beautiful sunrise, with beautiful wind and beautiful people. We motored for a while changing directions to capture the sun,at the end we sailed into the Chanel. Here is some of their comments:

"Thank you so much. It has been great pleasure to sail with you. may the Lord Bless you always, Carolyn Jones"

" Great sail, Great video shoot! Thank you so much, Jeannie Kelly"

" We spent a great morning with you, Thank you, Julia Pereira"

Carolyn was the Make up artist, Jeannie was the producer and Julia was the


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 13th, 2012, Felix,Bain Group III

This is the third group of the London office of Bain to come aboard. It was my lucky day to be contacted by Christian who referred me to Leah who referred me to Felix. What a lovely friendly fun loving bunch. There certainly was mutual positive energy between them, RA , Biscayne Bay and lastly Myself. Even with the very heavy day of March 6th, they had a great time. Today was good wind, but too much for a swim. They did enjoy what we have to offer, good wind, good sun and a steady she goes, good old RA.
here is what they wrote in the log:

'Dear Captain Asaad, We had an amazing time in your boat. Recommended by some work colleagues, we arrived to the boat with very high expectations, and we accomplished them all.
We felt a very energetic and youthful person and spirit in the vessel, keep up the good Karma.
Thank you very much , we will make sure we will recommend you for the next generation of Bain people ((Baines)
Best, Felix,James,X2,Peter, Ana, Gemma, Charlotte & Jesse"

"P.S: Thank you for the super interesting conversation on human nature. I really enjoyed the chat and totally agree with your way of seeing life, Thank you again, Ana, Spain"

Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 10th, 2012, martha's Maom B day

Martha's mom was here from Orlando to celebrate her Birthday . So Martha arranged to take her sailing on Biscayne bay. The weather Man was predicting 40% chance of rain. we were reluctant to go, but I am glad we decided to ignore the weatherman. it turned out to be a great day for sailing, not even a cloud in the sky. We were under full sail much for the time. Martha Ardren of Biscayne Bay sailing club  and Bobby also came aboard.
Here is what they wrote in the log:
" the wind was easy and we sailed out past Stilts ville and viewed soldier key. It was a wonderful peaceful sail. Captain Asaad is a wonderful host who was eager to" show the ropes" to all . We had good food and better company and excellent weather, all getting good sun. It was my birthday week and I will always remember this day as the best part of my celebration, Thank you so much Captain Asaad, Sonja"

"Thanks Asaad, for the best sail I have had since I joined the BBSC. You are an unusually competent Captain and RA sails like a "dream boat", Marty  Ardren"

Friday, March 09, 2012

March 6th, 2012, Leah Johns and the Bain Group

It was so windy that Leah was concerned wind was steady 22-28 Knots). She told me other sailing charters has been cancelled. I told her RA is uniquely equipped to handle such wind. I promised her a safe ,comfortable and exhilarating sail. So she agreed and the group came aboard for the excitement. and exciting it was. Indeed it was very heavy wind, the regattas were postponed because of the heavy wind. getting out of the slip was the hardest part, but thanks to the capable help of the Bain group we did it without a hitch. I had the mizzen and stay sail up and RA was making Hull speed, yet steady and comfortable.
here is what Leah wrote in the log:

" We (several colleagues in Miami for a work trip) heard about Captain Asaad from colleagues who sailed with him a week earlier. Because we heard such rave reviews, we expected a lovely afternoon on the ocean in the sun. Our afternoon aboard the RA with Captain Asaad exceeded all expectations and left us feeling at peace absolutely satisfied and really not wanting leave. Thank you so much to captain Asaad for an unforgettable and very much needed sunset cruise aboard his 2nd home. Would absolutely do this again. Thank you for a new sense of calm!, Best Leah (and my friends from London, Atlanta,Sweden, NYC and San Fran)

March 4th. 2012, Cerebral Palsy charter

Lara and Stewart Starr won the bid on the donation I gave to the cerebral Palsy fund. They booked me for today, to set sail at 10 am. I got a voice mail confirming the time from Lara the previous day. Since it was so windy, I invited several crew to come help run the ship. Suzy manning the Sky diver came fro Home stead, Gianfranco and his brother Juan who was here from Uruguay, came from Miami beach. I also invited Kelly who came with Megan who was here from Michigan. and we all sat waiting for the charter guests. several calls , only to voice mail.
Here is what my crew wrote in the log:
"Though the sail was cancelled, I was very happy to just soak the views and enjoy the good company!  Thank you for the invite,Captain, Kelly Woodward"

" was looking forward to a nice beautiful sailing trip, as always with captain Asaad, but it was cancelled. had a good time meeting wonderful people who were the crew today! Thanks Asaad for inviting me as a crew, Suzy Manning"

" Even though the sail was cancelled, I loved being in the harbour surrounded by boats and water. I was looking forward to my first sail, but will be anxious to try again on my next visit!, megan Coler"

: Great time with the Captain and his crew , even though the sail was cancelled, we had a great time. I love RA, Juan Sancassano"

Thursday, March 01, 2012

February 28th, 2012, Christian & the Bain Team

They were here from all corners of the globe to visit our Magic City Miami. They knew that the best Miami has to offer is our great Biscayne bay. So christian found me and arranged for the team to come enjoy a day sailing on RA. It was a chamber of commerce day, plenty of wind and plenty of sun. We did  not only sail, but they also wanted to swim in the waters of Biscayne bay. Here is what Christian wrote in the log:

" A few of my colleagues and I decided it could be fun to go sailing for an afternoon during a training session here in Miami. Captain Asaad came to the rescue and liberated us of the land and took us to the seas. A clear sky, good wind and beautiful boat took us far. There is no doubt we will be dreaming of this for days, months. perhaps years to come. Thank you captain or being an incredible host and treating us as Royal guests, Yours Christian"