Monday, February 20, 2012

February 18th, 2012, Mrtha,Lilly & Ami

Martha had  her friend Lily visiting her from Chicago. She knew that Lily will enjoy a day on the water, so she arranged for her to come aboard RA for a sail on Biscayne Bay. I also invited my friend Ami and his friend Xemena, on board also was Talal and his girl friend. The day started with very little wind, the sun was shining. The ladies had their Bikinis on and stretched on the foredeck to soak up Miami's Sunshine. Later they decided to cool off. Well Believe it or not, they all went swimming while RA was under full sail. Here is what Lily wrote in the log:
Dear Captain Asaad, This day was a dream come alive from my seven year old mind! Dolphins swimming, Pelicans fishing, sparkling water and the most elegant boat and captain, Thank you, lily"