Monday, February 13, 2012

February, 11th, 2012, CS, Chakij,Ryan & Jana

Chakij , the Tunisian Couch surfer, who lives, works and studies in Berlin, Germany, came to visit the US for only 3 days. He surfed Ryan and Janna's couch in Fort lauderdale. I was fortunate enough for him to have interest to meet me. So they came to Miami for a few hours. We visited the Fairchild tropical gardens, had dinner at La Caritta, visited the RA and the waterfront. Here is what they wrote in my log:
" I came to the United States for just two days, it is too short, but is is fascinating. Knowing Mr. Dr. Captain Asaad and spending time with him just made my journey amazing!
it was an honer and pleasure to meet such a wise man. I heard a lot about ! I am looking forward to meet him again in another spot in this earth, for a new adventure. Chakib Dhaouadi, west Germany/Tunisia"

"Janna and I came down for the day from Fort Lauderdale, It was a very enjoyable experience, and next time we look forward to going on another trip soon. The boat is beautiful and the company is very engaging, until next time, Ryan &; Janna "