Saturday, February 25, 2012

Februarry 25th, 2012, Ximena & The Peruvian Ladies

Ximena was on RA last June. She had such a great time, so now she is visiting Miami with her friends from Peru and sailing on Biscayne Bay on the sailing vessel  RA was a must do for the group.The weather was great for sailing. I raised the main, Mizzen and small jib. Seasoned sailors would have enjoyed the exiting sail, however it was a bit too much for the ladies, so I dropped the man once behind key Biscayne. It was good having two strong men for crew, Andrew and Bobby. having Bobby  was an added bonus for the ladies. they all had a reflexology session while under sail. Here is what they wrote in the log:

"Great experience with 4 good friends. Excellent sailing, nice view. Thanks a lot. We really enjoyed it, Xime S, Xime D, Vinka, Fiore & Ceci   Peruvian Girls ( : .

" Thank you very much Captain Asaad !! It always  a pleasure sailing with you ( :
My friends and I have a wonderful time !! Just what we need for a vacation time with girlfriends. I hope to see you soon again ! Ximena"