Sunday, November 06, 2011

November 6th. 2011, Andrew, Betty & Eli

Andrew's family were visiting Miami from Michigan, and he wanted to treat them to a sailing trip on Biscayne Bay.I also invited Betty Gradera , director of Camcol, and Eli, my class mate in Spanish and his lady Paola.
It was the first time for Paola to be on a sail boat, so I told her as far as sailing you are a virgin.
It was really a very windy day, 25 knots from the North. RA was making over 5 knots with the Mizzen and staysail. They all thought it was great. and indeed it was wonderful sailing conditions. here is what they wrote in the log:
" Captain, Thank you for an amazing sail. My sail cherry has been popped !! quit amazing and memorable,  Thankfully Paola"

"Dear Asaad, It's been a blessing to know you, thank you so much for such a memorable outing. It's been great. Looking forward to a long lasting friendship. Much RA and may God Bless you always !, Betty Gradera, CAMACOL"

Captain Asaad, Special thanks for your friendship! I had a wonderful time and I look forward to many more! Take care and many great sails, Juan Sanchez, El Paso Texas"