Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24th, 2011, Paul Allegra

This charming youg couple wanted to celebrate their 5th wedding Anniversary. They have not lived in our great city of Miami for a long time. they just came from New Jersey. So Sailing on Biscayne bay seemed like a wonderful way to celebrate the occasion. The weather did cooperat and we had a great sail and a wonderful sunset. My friend Charlie was abaord to help run the ship. This time we raised the big Jib amd the Mizzen. The sail was exhilirating and smooth. Here is what they wrote in the log:
"Dear Captain Asaad, My wife Jennifer and I were very happy and thrilled to be celbrating our 5th wedding Aniversary on the RA!. Sunset was wonderful and the pod of dolphins were a special benefit, Thank you,

Paul and Jennifer Allegra"

October 24th, 2011 Jo Geary and family

Jo and his wife Ann were here to visit their Daughter Alyssa who brought her friend Kateva. they usually do something special with her when they come to Miami. So they decided to go for a sail on our great Biscayne Bay. It was indeed a great day to sail..Jo was a sailor himself, who sailed out of Boston on His Catalina. He did appreciate the smooth sailing afforded by RA on Biscayne Bay. Here is what Jo wrote in the Log:

"Fabulous day with a fine captain and a beautiful sailboat, The RA. Come aboard! don't miss it."

Sunday, October 23, 2011

October 23rd, 2011, Efrain and Robin Arroyave

This is the second time they come on RA. They brought different friends this time. It was a very windy day. I was glad to have charlie aboard as a crew to help sail the boat. They sat on the Bow sipping Champagne and having great time. Here is what they wrote in the log:

"Thank you captain for another great trip"
Robin & Efrain Arroyave, Antonio Grrion, Francisco  and MariaVillegas

Saturday, October 22, 2011

October 22nd, 2011,Tim Blair and sister

Tim's sister Suzy was her from Virginia to celebrate her birthday in sunny Miami. so time decided to make a very special day for her by taking her for a sail on our great Biscayne Bay. and it was beautiful day indeed, great cool weather and sunny skies and gentle breeze.I was introduced to Tim by my friend Joaquin. so he also joined us with his Lady Marie; Here is what they wrote in the log:
"Thank you for a fantastic day of sailing. My sister enjoyed her 50th Birthday and the sunset over Miami, Tim, Suzy, Allen,Christian, Marie & Joaquin"
"Thank you for a perfect inspiring sail, we loved it! Marie"

October 22nd, 2011, Paul Noott & friends, England

Paul organized it and came aboard with Andy, Fay and Sandy. It was a chilly day for us Floridians, First cool day of the season. I had to bundle up, but for them it was great . The wind was inconsistent 10-15 Knots . we sailed towards key Biscayne. In all they ha d a great time, Here is what they wrote in the log:
"Thank you for a great day sailing . We all enjoyed it very much, Paul England"

Thursday, October 20, 2011

October 10th, 2011, Kaia Colbeck and friends

Kaia and four other lovely ladies and one lucky guy came aboard for a day sail on our grat Biscayne Bay. It was cloudy and windy, but no rain . so they all had a great time;
Here is what they wrote in the log:
"Thank you Captain Asaad ! we really enjoyed sailing with you  this breezy and balmy day. A fabulous time was had by all!. We wish you many happy sunny sails "
"Thank you for a wonderful time on your sailboat RA, Jasmin"
"Captain Asaad is the best, We had a wonderful day! Thank you, Kaia"

October 5th, 2011, the ladies of Finland

They were here from Finland to soak some of Miami' sunshine
And indeed the sun did shine for them on our great Biscayne Bay. It was a very windy day, but Ra managed to stay on an even kiell with the Mizzen and stay sail. here is what they wrote in the log:
"Thank you Captain Asaad for a lovely sunny sailing trip over to key Biscayne. Quite a rough wind for half of the trip but no problem for the beautiful Finish lady crew,Maria, Inay, Sanna, Anika, Maijukka and Riika"

Monday, October 03, 2011

October 2nd, 2011, Tony Soto & Friends

Tony wanted to do go sailing on Biscayne bay for a long time. He and his wife knew me thru Coral Gables chamber of commerce and other events. So when Group on had an event they went ahead and booked me. He invited his friend Roberto Benito, and family to come along. It was a gorgeous day on our great Biscayne bay. They promised to come back. Here is what Tony wrote in the ship's log:
"The Soto Realty group, Thank you for such a lovely time.It was very relaxing and it was great being on the water. We all enjoyed the views and the company of the captain and mates'

Aboard was Krill Kokarev  from Russia and Kelly Charles from England as crew

September 16th, 2011, Krill Kokarev

Krill' friend Alex was here from California and his lady friend was here from Iran. Krill wanted to show them the best Miami has to offer, so he arranged for them to go sailing on our Miami's Biscayne Bay. It was a great day and they all had a great time. Here is what Alex wrote in the ship's log:
"Hello Captain, You are the man, I had the best time in my life, thanks cap, Alex"