Saturday, August 27, 2011

August 27th, 2011, Heather Frazier

It was Eric's Birthday. Eric is now interested in sailing, taking sailing lessons and joining Coconut Grove sailing club. So Heather  his significant other decided to give him a day of sailing aboard the RA on our beautiful Miami's  Biscayne Biscayne Bay, they even decided to help me bring the boat from Consolodated Marin on the Miami River, to have a full flavour of the river and the bridges . We did indeed have some exciting moments coming under the bridges, particularly the 17th avenue Bridge. The sailing had all possible conditions sampled for Eric, the gamut. Good wind for great sailing, total duldurum for great swimming and serous rain and strorm in the mix.The greoup were great and really appreciated the experience. I had Mark Muler as a crew. he was helpful getting the boat out of the shelter on the river and manageing the sails. Here is what Heather and Eric wrote in the log:
August 27th, 2011, Heather, Eric, Gisele, Dale , and Patric, sailing for Eric's 31st Birthday. Captain Asaad, We had a great time and a wonderful experience . It was very memorable and you were a fantastic host, thank you so much for everything. We hope to see you, It was the best birthday we could imagine. Love Heather and Eric


Thank you again for a wonderful sail.  I look forward to our next time out on the water together.  I also enjoyed your blog posting, which I have sent on to many people.  In the mean time, can you check and see if you lost your plate and fork, which we might have recovered for you?



Thursday, August 25, 2011

August 21, 2011, Hannibal Travis,Ami,Amira

Hannibal came with his friends to enjoy a day sailing on Miami's Biscayne bay. Thanks to Amida, he organized the outing. He also was the amster of ceremonies and he Cheff and the first Mate. He also ventered to be towed behing the boat at 4-5 knots under sail. He embolden othere includin my daughter Amira who also did the same.
here is what Hannibal wrote in the log:
"Captain Asaad, Thans for a very scenic, relaxing and well managed trip. It is a beautiful sailboat"

Monday, August 15, 2011

August 13th, 2011, Gary Senk

It was an interesting day weather wise. My best judgement was that we could get away with it, and we did. But I was concerned because some times I am wrong. But I am glad I was right this time. It really was a nice sail, gentle breeze and serious ove cast and a lot of noise far away.
Here is what Gary wrote;

The adults were unenthusiastic about sailing due to thunderstorms and high winds around Palmetto Bay, but Jon’s movers were not discouraged. We had an overcast sky which is great on an August afternoon in Miami. The sunset was invisible due to the extensive cloud cover but we saw some great sky color. A full moon made a brief appearance about 45 minutes after the scheduled moon rise. There were spectacular displays of lightning a safe distance to the northwest.

Submitted by:
Gary Senk

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

August 5th. 2011Jackie Sheridan and friends

They came from all the corners of the us to be together for the bachelorette party.They were originally scheduled for the 6th, but the weather man was predicting 80% chance of rain due to the remnents of tropical storm Emily. So we opted for a sunset/night sale on friday the 5th instead. It was a good move. they got to enjoy some rays, a nice sunset and witness  Miami by the nigh with its gorgeous sky line,,here is what Jackie wrote in the log:
"We love the Captain !. Congratulations Len ! We love you and congratulations on getting married with a wonderful life ahead of you with Eric!"

July 30th, 2011Eric Lawrence,, The anglers H

Erick the owner of the Angler Hotel on the beach, wanted to have a special treat for his inlaws who were visiting Miami . so he chartered the RA for a sunset cruise. It was a great day for sailing al we all had a great time sailing on Biscayne Bay. Here is what eric wrote in the log:
"Thank you very much for such a wonderful evening sail. You are such a pleasure to work with and helpful in providing us with a fantastic experience. My family and I had a great time and look forward to doing this many more times. we hope to see you soon and will recommend your charters to my hotel guests and friends.
please let me know if you ever need hotel accommodations in south beach for yourself ,family or friends. I can be reached at  It would be a pleasure to reciprocate the same hospitality you provided us. many blessings to you and your boat. Thank you gain, Eric Lawrence.
Anglers boutique Resort Hotel, 660 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach. FL 33139, P.S our restaurant is absolutely fantastic, please come by and check it out.

July 29th, 2011, Billy sullo And friends

This was  a special gathering for the boys to have a good time. and indeed good time was had
here is what Billy wrote in the log:
"My fiends and I went out on this beautiful sailboat with our wonderful captain Asaad. He is a gracious man and our sail was absolutely wonderful. we will surely be back again, Billy Sullo"