Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 19th, 2011, Bryan Bolt and friends

These six beautiful you men and women came from all over to be together aboard the RA .They arrived about 4 pm for a sunset cruise. As they boarded there was a squall brewing. I had to struggle with the decision whether to scrub the event which I know will disappoint them, or to go for it. They all did not seem to have any reservations about going for it .So we did. It was an adventure just leaving the dock with 30 knots of wind on the beam, thanks for the strong hands and great help of my capable crew, Krill and all my guests, which I realized later on that they were Marines. so for them that was just the adventure fit for them. I knew the squal will subside and there will be great sailing and a spectacular sunset which actually happened. Here is what Sylvia and Bryan wrote in the log:

"Captain Asaad, thank you for making my 30th birthday so special. I will never forget this experience. We had a little bit of rain, a little bit of rock and roll and then the smoothest sailing and a most beautiful sunset I have ever seen, Silvia & Bryan"