Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 23rd, 2011, Curtis tucker Regatta

They came from Spain to race on our great Biscayne bay
it was a great day for the event
RA did great.Here are some of the pictures of the 13 boats that entered the race

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 19th, 2011, Bryan Bolt and friends

These six beautiful you men and women came from all over to be together aboard the RA .They arrived about 4 pm for a sunset cruise. As they boarded there was a squall brewing. I had to struggle with the decision whether to scrub the event which I know will disappoint them, or to go for it. They all did not seem to have any reservations about going for it .So we did. It was an adventure just leaving the dock with 30 knots of wind on the beam, thanks for the strong hands and great help of my capable crew, Krill and all my guests, which I realized later on that they were Marines. so for them that was just the adventure fit for them. I knew the squal will subside and there will be great sailing and a spectacular sunset which actually happened. Here is what Sylvia and Bryan wrote in the log:

"Captain Asaad, thank you for making my 30th birthday so special. I will never forget this experience. We had a little bit of rain, a little bit of rock and roll and then the smoothest sailing and a most beautiful sunset I have ever seen, Silvia & Bryan"

June 19th, 2011Dr Arroyave & family

Dr. arroyave wanted to share fathere day with his family so he arranged to spend the morning aboard the Ra on the great waters of Miami's Biscayne bay. It was agreat day but a little too choppy for swimming. Here is what they wrote in the log:
" Captain, Thank you so much for a beautiful father's day cruise. Our crew: Efrain Arroyave, M.D.. Mario Arroyave, Cali Arroyave, Laura Gonzalez & Mariano Leo had a great sail, Sincerely Robin Arroyave"

 " Awesome sailing, wished we could have gone swimming, Laura"

June 18th, 2011, Lesie Martinez & Family

Leslie Martinez and her friend Megan came aboard as my charter guest a while back. They enjoyed it so much so Leslie decided to have a father's day event aboard the RA on our great Biscayne bay; It was a great afternoon and all had a good time.
Here is what they wrote in the log:
"Thank you for takinf uss on our first sail boat ride! It was a great and unforgettable experience, Kylee and Stephanie"

Thank you for my 50th Birthday ride. It was a great day for sailing! and to my daughters and husband for making this happen, Ana, Megan, Leslie and John"

Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 18th, 2011, AM, Brett Trembly

Brett' Mom was here from new Mexico, She has neve been sailing before, so Brett arranged to take her for a spin on our great sailing waters of Miami's Biscayne bay. it was indeed a very nice day. My frind Hanibal came along as a crew. here is what they wrote in the log:

"What a beautiful morning sail! Brought my mother from newMexico out on the florida Ocen. Perfect way to experience the sunshine State!. foyr very happy customers, Brett trembly, Lindsie Swokin,Adam Loeb and Corby Chavez. Untill next time, brett trembly"

One of the nicest treats I have had in a long time. This was a very special day. Thank you so much, Corby Chavez, new Mexico"

Friday, June 17, 2011

June 16th, 2011, Cassandra Hall & family

Cassandra wanted to do somthing special for her dad, Jerry. He loves sailing and used to have his own sail boat . so she arranged to take him for a spin on the RA on our great Miami's Biscayne Bay. Cassandra came with dad, her husband Bruce and little Audrey. It was alovely family father's day. Here is what Cassandra wrote in the log:

"Captain Asaad, thank you so much for helping my father feel young again !. He absolutely loved your company, sailing and mistress !. She is a beauty, I can see why you are so happy all the time. I hope you treat each other right for years to come. You both made my father's father's day special for Jerry and we look forward to visiting again . This was also Audry's first sailing experience, Hopefully she will be a sailing lover too. She seemed to enjoy it with her dad Jason. Till we meet again  Cassandra Hall"

Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 12th. 2011, Khalil & Elina's Engagement

He invited her from Chcago for a visit. She had no idea what he was up to.
it was a total surprise for her when he poped the questin on the forward deck. I assured him that I had so many before him do the same and RA had 100% suceess. The day started with 15 knots of wind, and on the way back the wind died, so I was under full sail.
Well, he later told me that my record is still intact, there were cries of happiness and phone calls to friends and family about th great surprise. Here is what Khalil wrote in the log:
"Thank you for a most romantic and memorable sail at sea. Today was a surprise engagement for the love of my life and you made it such a pleasure. Thank you dearly Capt. Masoud for a beautiful afternoon  to begin the rest of our lives    You will always be remembered, and we will forever be grateful, Thank you dearly, Khalil & Eleni"

June 12th, 2011, Jessica, Birthdays

Jessica wanted to celebrate her husbands Birth day, coincidentally her sister Sofia and her husband were here from NEW York, and Sofia's husband also had a birthday. Well I invited my friend Andrew to come aboard as a first mate, and well you guessed it it was also Andrew's Birthday. The weather was great, there was some threatening clouds that never materialized , so the birthday boys never got wet. Here is what Jessica wrote in the log:

"Thank you for the great time and the unforgettable day at sea. We celebrated our husbands birthdays in a very relaxed way. You made it a very special day and coming from new york we appreciate it even more !, thanks again !, Fred, Phil Jessica, Sofia, Camilla and Daniella"

Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 10th, 2011, Marie Duron's B.Day

Marie wanted to share her birthday with her special friends, so she invted them to go sailing on our great, Miami's Biscayne bay. It was a very windy day, steady 20-25 knots. I first raised the main, mizzen and staysayl, and sailed out of the chanel, but that was too much canvas. Michelle who never been on a sail boat before was uncomfortable with the boat's excessive heel, so as soon s we cleared the channel I reefed the main . They really wanted to swim in spite of the heavy wind, so I took them in the lee of Biscayne bay dropped the sails and they went in the water. They all had a great time. krill was on board as a crew. kelly who's dad was a sailor was specially appreciative of the experience. here is what kelly wrote in the log:
" Thank you for the amazing day we had with you. It meant the world to me personally as my father was a sailor, Kelly"