Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 22nd,2011, Gary senk, Leslie,Megan & Samantha

My friend Dr. Senk had guests from out of town. He usually likes to treat his friends to a sunset cruise aboard the RA on our great Miami's Biscayne Bay. I went ahead and Invited Leslie Martinez of the Raleigh Hotel and her friend Meaghan of the Gansvort Hotel. I also happen to have a couch surfer in town,  Samantha,she walked 5 miles from down town Miami to join us. Every body had a great time. Here is what they wrote in the ship's log:
"As always, Capt Asaad delivered a wonderful day of spiritualism on the sea. Everyone should find the time , at least once in their lifetime to enjoy a day with Capt. Asaad on the RA(Sun God), you will never forget it, Alan Simon, Buxton, Main"

"The second day of rapture was one of the calmest cruises. My blood pressure dropped  as I found perfect peace on the waves. I am ready Jesus. Thanks Asaad for a beautiful voyage, Austin Gutman, San Francisco, CA"

" Captain, thank you for an amazing Sunday afternoon. A beautiful day spent on a beautiful sail. It was a  pleasure meeting you and look forward to sailing again in great company. We had a blast, Leslie, Miami & Meaghan, Boston, P.S. It took a sail for me to say I am fallen in love"

" a wonderful first boat ride on the ocean. Walking 5 miles here was very much worth it. Thanks for the opportunity to get amazing pictures and see some open water, also meet some cool people. Next time I am in Miami I hope we can meet up again. Next time I will cook you somthing, Thanks a million, Sam Gullion"

" Sun, Water Wind and Sky
  Three hours on a boat How ime does fly
Blue water white clouds
Thanks so much for a lovely ride, Bill Amy"