Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 26th, 2011, Theresa Huggins & Friends

They came from North Carolina to enjoy the sun the surf and the sailing on Miami's Biscayne Bay
It was indeed a beautiful day, gentle breez. I had all the sailes up. the ladies had the bathing suits on and enjoyed saoking in the sun on the bow. Here is what they wrote in the log:

"The girls trip started off shakey, but Asaad and his first mate turned things around! our 4 hour sail was so enjoyable and relaxing that I know , whatever comes our way , we will be smiling the rest of the weekend because of RA charters. Thanks so much, Theresa Huggins"

" What a perfect day on a fabulous boat with the best friends. Thank you for a little slice of heaven, Cathy B, Hickory , NC"

" We had a wonderfully relaxing day with the best of friends. Thanks for the beautiful sail boat ride, the company and the awesome memory, Shana D, Hickory, NC"

The dolphins came to greet my guests, which really added to their experience. They really got excited watching the dolphins play across the bow

Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 22nd,2011, Gary senk, Leslie,Megan & Samantha

My friend Dr. Senk had guests from out of town. He usually likes to treat his friends to a sunset cruise aboard the RA on our great Miami's Biscayne Bay. I went ahead and Invited Leslie Martinez of the Raleigh Hotel and her friend Meaghan of the Gansvort Hotel. I also happen to have a couch surfer in town,  Samantha,she walked 5 miles from down town Miami to join us. Every body had a great time. Here is what they wrote in the ship's log:
"As always, Capt Asaad delivered a wonderful day of spiritualism on the sea. Everyone should find the time , at least once in their lifetime to enjoy a day with Capt. Asaad on the RA(Sun God), you will never forget it, Alan Simon, Buxton, Main"

"The second day of rapture was one of the calmest cruises. My blood pressure dropped  as I found perfect peace on the waves. I am ready Jesus. Thanks Asaad for a beautiful voyage, Austin Gutman, San Francisco, CA"

" Captain, thank you for an amazing Sunday afternoon. A beautiful day spent on a beautiful sail. It was a  pleasure meeting you and look forward to sailing again in great company. We had a blast, Leslie, Miami & Meaghan, Boston, P.S. It took a sail for me to say I am fallen in love"

" a wonderful first boat ride on the ocean. Walking 5 miles here was very much worth it. Thanks for the opportunity to get amazing pictures and see some open water, also meet some cool people. Next time I am in Miami I hope we can meet up again. Next time I will cook you somthing, Thanks a million, Sam Gullion"

" Sun, Water Wind and Sky
  Three hours on a boat How ime does fly
Blue water white clouds
Thanks so much for a lovely ride, Bill Amy"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 18th, 2011, Daniel D'Onia Argentina

Daniel wanted to give his lovely wife Alejandra a very special birthday present. a day that she will remember for  a very long time. He chartered The Ra for a Full day of sailing not only on our great Biscayne Bay, but also on the deep blue waters of the open sea. The day was ideal for Daniel's adventure. We set sail about 11 am, crossed the bay and into the open water. The weather could not have been any better. Daniel and Alejandra and first mate Eduardo all had a great time. Needless to say I had a great time too. It was a along day but a great day for all.
Here is what they wrote in the log:
"We had the pleasure to celebrate my wife's 50th Birthday in this beautiful  boat, with her kind master, that we really enjoy this magnificent sailing. I hope I can bring my sailors to enjoy a sailing in the RA in the near future
Daniel D'Onia"
"Despues de haber pasado un die increible  ere este barco - me despido agradecieurdo el hacer trato,he calidez, ell este especial dio de ccumpleanios, con afecto muchas graceas, Alejandra D'Onia"
" my first day on a sailing boat, what a beautiful experience. Thank you Master for the teaching and for the good time, will never forget, Edwardo  , First Mate"

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 11th. 2011, Dianna Rivera & Tony's B Day

Dianna wanted to celebrate her husband's Birthday. She could not think of anything more romantic and memorable than taking him for a day sail on our great Miami's Biscayne Bay. My friends Gianfranco and Krill came aboard as Crew.:
Here is what Dianna wrote in the ship's Log:
"What a beautiful Experience! This was our first trip and a special gift for my husbands 46th birthday !. it was a perfect gift!. Thank you so much for the the smooth trip, the amazing sights and wonderful hospitality!
I will definitely be promoting you !!. Blessings to you and may you have many many years of sailing!! Tony &; Dianna Rivera. Pastor - Citi Church, Miami"

Saturday, May 07, 2011

May 2nd, 2011, Gieoff Taylor & Samantha Bass

Gieoff wanted to do somthing special for his lady Samantha. so he decided to take her for a sunset cruise on Miami's Biscayne Bay. It was a windy day. My friend Krill came aboard to help  sail the baot. I raised the main, Mizzen and staysail. the boat really loved it so did  the guests. On the way back I decided to give them a smoother ride so I dropped the main.
Here is what Samantha wrot in the Log:
" We had fun, saw the tip of a dolphins fin. For me it was a very surprising event set up by my lover. It made me think of a quote !( We shall have the love others dream of, but never do ) It was a romantic evening,Thank you Captain Asaad and first mate Krill"