Saturday, April 09, 2011

April 1st, 2011, Burt& lo 45th Aniversary

Burt and lo are seasoned Sailors, they know what a wonderful way to spend a special day on Biscayne bay. So they chartered the RA to celebrate their 45th Anniversary. They are really an inspiration they have been together for 56 years, thru a lifetime of ups and downs, fair weather and some storms. It was really a pleasure to share their special day with them.
here is waht they wrote in the log:

"What a fabulous way to celebrate our 45th wedding Anniversary. The perfect afternoon was surpassed only by the glorious sunset as we we were so lucky to be graced by God and our accomplished Captain Asaad to sail both in and out of Dinner Key Marina, no engine assist . May the wind and weather always be fair and follow you through endless adventurous journeys. We will never forget this very special celebration of life and ,making your acquaintance was an unexpected pleasure, Burt and Lo Hoffner, Coral gables, Fl