Friday, April 29, 2011

April 22nd, 2011, isis & Tedescos

Isis had her friends, the Tedescos here from Canada. The children have never been on a boat before. they seem to have really enjoyed themselves. Titust had a great time running the ship with the consistent heavy wind.
Here is what they wrote in the log:
"I cant thank you enough for this special trip today. It was the first time for my children to not just see Miami but to be on a boat. You gave them a memory that will last a life time. We look forward to seeing you all again soon, Deny, suzie, Isabella & Rafael Tedesco"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 18th, 2011, Steve Brown

Steve wanted to make sure that there will be enough wind to sail. He told Lorna, the Concierge at the Tempo Hotel. I don't want a boat Ride, I want to go sailing. I assured Lorna that the weather man is predicting 10-20 knots. So Steve came with his wife and a friend and we did have a nice sail. We started with the main, Mizzen and stay sail, then later on the way back we raised the Yankee. Steve was on the helm all the time. He really enjoyed sailing the boat. the ladies were on the bow soaking the warm Miami sun. My friend Larry Bagnell and Tina were aboard as crew

April 17th 2011, Bill Richards & Family

Bill richards brought his beautiful wife Caroline and his daughter Syndy and his son William to spend a day on our beautiful Biscayne ay. Bill is a seasoned sailor and knows what a great experience it is to be on a sail boat, so he wanted to introduce the family to the experience. and indeed it was a very special day that I believ they will remeber for a long time. here is what Bill wrote in the log:
"To Captain Asaad, Bill,Caroline, Syndy & wiliiam Richards from Naples Florida Wouldn't trade the experience for anything, Thank you for a wonderful sail aboard the RA. Bill Richards"
Again Andrew and Diana were on board and were great help navigating the ship thru poor visibility to safe harbor.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 16th, PM, Rozanne Holloway

After I came back to the dock we had some rain, then the rain subsided, and Rozanna decided to enjoy the sunset sail
here is what Rozanne wrote in the log
"Thank you for a wonderful time. I would recommend this to Anyone, Rozanne"

Andrew and Diana were aboard too as crew.

April 16th, 2011, Isis's Birthday

It was my sweet Daughter's Birthday, she invited her Histers, Anisa and Omnia and her three daughters and her friend Eva. We had a good sail , but needed to come home early before the weather turned, we made just in time.Here is what they wrote in the log:
"The best ever birth day with my favorite people: the Captain, my sisters, my man, my beautiful neices and fabulous Eva. A birthday to remember! Isis"

"Dear Geddo, I hope you know that I had a good time even though we didn't get to go in the water and it rained and we didn't get to see any dolphins, Love trinity to Geddo"

"Thank you very much for taking us on this wonderful boat ride. I had so much fun, Love, Kandace"

"Hey Dad, Thanks for a wonderful day on the bay, What a great sail, Love, Omnia Asaad"

April 14th 2011, Metromotion Production&RA Pics

Mark of Metro Motion production wanted to have some Modeling taken on the beautiful Miami's Biscayne bay. He also needed pictures taken with the Models on the boat so we had Captain Conrad follow us on his runabout. and in the process I had Conrad take som Pictures of RA underway and under sail

Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 9th, 2011, Gary Senk,David&laurie

David Senk was here from California. He always likes to enjoy a day on our great waters of Miami's Biscayne Bay.
Well the rest of the family decided to come along. Incidentally my old friend Lori called me a few hours before the trip so I invited her to join us.It was her firt sailing trip on Biscayn Bay and she really seem to have enjoyed the experience. It was a lovely evening and they all had a great time enjoying the weather, the sail and the sunset. Here is what they wrote in the log:

"Amazing sunset cruise, Now I am hooked on sailing. Thank you so very much, Lori St john"

"My first time sailing and it was awesome!  Thank you for the great ride and beautiful setting. I look forward to next trip! The dolphins were amazing, it was like they knew how happy we were to see them and they swam right to us. The water and sunset were gorgeous too. It was an experience like I have never had before. Now I understand why people live on boats and just sail around the world, Erica Sefton. "

Saturday, April 09, 2011

April 4th 2011, Clay Neuenschwander and Family

Clay and Family has the tradition of going for an adventure with his family at the time of graduation. this is like a rite of passage for each of his children. So This was Madi's turn for an adventure, and what a day it was. We had great wind, raised all the sails and Madi and Heather helped sail the ship, here is what they wrote in the log:

Thank you Captain Asaad and first mate Alina for a wonderful day at sea! we take our kids on a trip senior year. an adventure, and our day aboard the RA will be one of our favorite memories, Clay and Kathy Neunschwander, Fort Wayne Indiana"

I particularly enjoyed helping Asaad bring the sails in, I actually helped sail the ship!, Heather Hovel"

The Chum of the water and the wind in my hair was more than I could as for!, Madi Neuenschwander"

Asaad, Thanks so much for sharing your tales and love of the sea and sailing, Truly a wonderful day, Kathy Neuenschwander"