Saturday, March 05, 2011

March 5th, 2011, Chrisrtine Battles

Christine, who is a professional event planner, wanted to have a specoial celebration for her Fiance, Richard for his Big 50 birthday. She told me he loves to sail and she wants to sail to some island and have a bbq for him and his friends and Family. and that is exactly what we did. we had captain Teresa on Fantasea and captain Andy on New Horizons and myself on RA sail with the group to NO Name Harbor. It was really windy, like 20 Knts from the north. going to the island ws a Beat I had the Main and  the small jib up and we were going at 5 knots.

On the way back, Gianfraco and I stopped by the fuel dock for refueling. the sail back to dinner key was a nice run.